Daniele Scasciafratte - Developer, Evangelist, Writer

Mozilla Rep, Mozilla TechSpeaker, Co Founder Codeat as Full Stack Developer/CTO, Vice President of Industria Italiana del Software Libero

WordPress Core Contributor, Open Source Multiversal & Italian Native Speaker, English-Esperanto-Spanish

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  • What you can do with WP-CLI - Developers and Syadmin love the shell so let's discover how can be amazing manage WordPress
    The shell enable the user to automatize process to migrate or initialize or the loveable backups. WordPress have more then this so let's see examples!
  • How to develop a PyQt software [Video in English] - Do you want to create a desktop application with Python? Discover the Qt world!
    A desktop application simple to create on Linux today is very simple with Python and Qt. In this talk we will see how to do it with live coding and demo.
  • 45 minute to Browser Super Powers [Video in English]
    Do you know that Firefox now has a new technology that simplify the development of an extension? And also use and extend the API of Chrome? Yeah, I am serious you can do the same extension for many browsers!
    WebExtension are the future for addons in Firefox but this is not enough because they works also on Chrome, Opera and soon Edge without any changes! Think about it, the cross browser addon issues is only an old nightmare! In conclusion because all this amazing news and how it is easy to extend Firefox will be available new APIs to customize the Firefox experience in this year.
  • Firefox is ready for the modern dev? [Video in Italian | Video in Italian]
    Firefox has amazing dev tools that support the last technologies but they can used also with other browsers and NodeJS.
    Firefox is not only a browser but also a tool for a developer to speed up his job. In this talk we will see few tricks and also new features that you probably don't know.
  • Why your community need a glossary 2 Ed [Video in English] - The experience of the WordPress Polyglots community!
    Localization is important to improve the quality and workflow of translators and a glossary is the first thing that a community can do.
    Discover the WordPress Polyglots experience with stories and data that show how can change your community.
  • Wordpress Plugin Boilerplate Powered 2.0
    WordPress is the most used CMS in the world and it is very easy to do a plugin with saving of time using libraries, help of Composer and a code generator. WPBP is a boilerplate for plugins that do everything for you!
    We will discover the WPBP project and how to do in live a little plugin. You will see the WordPress development in a different way!
  • How to extend the WordPress Rest API and do magic stuff [Video in Italian] - Examples and how much they are amazing
  • The WordPress Italia community [Video in Italian] - or why we conquered the world
  • What is a Mozilla TechSpeaker - 3 minutes video explanation about the program
  • How to do a Talk [Video in Italian]
    You never done a talk or you have no idea where to start. Don't get afraid, there are many tips and suggestions for your first talk!
    Let's discover how to gather ideas and how to do the talk and practice!
  • Coaching for open source community [Video in Italian]
    Do you know that there are many little tips and approaches that can improve your community health and quality for the participation?
    A community is a big company with a different purpose: a passion.
    That passion is the key but is not enough to manage a community and let to grow and improve his effect every day. Coaching is a way to improve your action as community leader or volunteer without change your workflow.
  • A deep dive into VVV for WordPress [Video]
  • How to do a patch for WordPress
    WordPress it's an important piece of internet today and with Vagrant and few tips you can do it your first patch!
    Discover where find tickets, how to do and publish a patch but the most important part how to create your environment to develop that can be used also for your develop needs.
  • You need a Janitor!
    Firefox, Chromium, Servo, KDE and Thunderbird has two things in common. They are open source projects with a large codebase and organize the dev environment is not easy but with Janitor and the cloud it's possible!
  • JavaScript in 1 hour [Video] - Comparison of JavaScript code and jQuery Code simplified
  • WordPress as a framework - Change your mind about WordPress with meme!
  • Talk obsoletes

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